Saturday 12th August 2017

Web Hosting Services - mywebhosting Inbound International Traffic Issue

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) have identified an issue detailed as follows.

Event Description: We have observed an increasing amount of international network issues to our Datacentre resources in the following subnets:


The issue presents as mini 30-60 second traffic outages from international locations.

Early investigations with our backbone internet provider indicate that this issue has been reported by multiple ISP's and that the issue is isolated to inbound international traffic that is transiting the backbone connection points that exit LAX in the United States (West Coast)

Customer Impact: All other sources of inbound internet browsing/traffic remain functional and ISP's using the West Coast link should either have fail-over routing in place or the connection will retry in 30 seconds and continue operation.

Additional Information: We are continuing to investigate this and reach a resolution as soon as possible

Reference: DC17030

Update 14/082017 10:45am: Our upstream backhaul providers have found degraded connectivity on one of their border routers in Los Angeles, to alleviate this they have disabled the affected device and re-routed some transit data at the POP which has stabilised connectivity to/from the US.