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This is the network monitoring centre for all of Optimus Systems services. If you would like to subscribe to email alerts, you can click the email envelope icon next to the relevant service, or click the green subscribe button at the bottom of the page to subscribe to all events.

Past Incidents

30th September 2016

No incidents reported

29th September 2016

No incidents reported

28th September 2016

No incidents reported

27th September 2016

No incidents reported

26th September 2016

Hosted Servers (VPS) - mycloudserver Cluster Service Issue

An issue with the cluster service has been detected and it appears that this is causing some isolated VPS's to appear offline. Engineers are investigating this.

26/09/2016 22:49: Issue has been identified and fixed. A filter driver from our backup provider was updated and prevented the cluster service from communicating with the disk drivers. This was rolled back and a fault logged with the backup vendor. Affected services have been restored